I am a strength coach with a keen interest in helping my clients live the best life they can through focused strength training.

Fit.Strong Services

  • Form Assessments, specifically injury risk assessment and fitness assessments.
  • Sport Specific Strength Coaching, specialising in:
    • Strength coaching for runners (Track, Road and Trail running).
    • Strength coaching for equestrian sport athletes.
  • Body Transformation Coaching: strength coaching for improved health and fitness, fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Sport Massage to assist with tight, sore muscles


Note: Sport Specific Strength Coaching as well as Body Transformation Coaching is available as an online offering to clients outside of Gauteng. 


Can you do it alone? Yes, you could, but then you would miss out on the benefits of training under the guidance of a coach:

  • Focused attention on your training will ensure that you remain motivated to continue.
  • Knowledgeable insight into your physiology and bio-mechanics.
  • Your coach will remain abreast of the latest advances in exercise science and ensure that your training plan is adjusted accordingly.
  • Your training plans and your progress is continuously assessed ensuring that your training always evolves and your progress will be measured.
  • Your training can be adapted for any changes in your lifestyle, as and when this is required, to ensure the impact of such change is minimized.

At Fit.Strong we encourage our clients to value enjoyment as much as progress in their training. We look forward to guiding you to meet your health and fitness goals!

Contact me at: elsabe@fitstrongsa.com to find out how I can help you!

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