Building Your Own Support Team

On Day 5 of Women’s Month, I want to chat about what to do if your Significant Other or even your best friend is not ready to commit to being fit and healthy, but you are. Instead of nagging them or feeling resentful towards them, here are 5 things you can try that might get a positive response:

1) Get the communication started. You will have more success in planting the seed if you make the conversation about what you want to do than to criticize your partner’s state of health. Here are some examples: “Hey, I’ve been trying to lose some weight lately…what do you think about trying a Pescatarian nutrition plan?” or “I’ve been reading the blog posts on the FitSTRONG Blog lately and it has me thinking about how I want to learn better habits for being healthier and fitter.  Are there any bad habits of mine you’d like me to change?”  Be prepared to weather and accommodate some criticism, but at least it might get the right conversation started!

2) Constantly ask for their advice and support on being healthier.  The goal is to get them talking about making healthier decisions, and make it more and more comfortable to bring up the conversation in the future.  When you find interesting articles about healthier living, share it with them and ask for their opinion.

3) Use my blog as the “bad guy”.  “Hey I read about the things that stop people taking care of their health and fitness on the FitSTRONG Blog…they have some good suggestions for overcoming the blockers, but what do you think?”

4) Try something together.  The FitSTRONG Transformation Training program seems like a great way to get healthier and fitter, but I’m worried that I might struggle to follow trough with it by myself.  Can we try this 12 week challenge together? I know you can help me stay on track.”

5) Reward any positive change with positive feedback:  If you can notice a positive change (no matter how small), comments like, “You look great! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!” will go a LONG way.  Become your significant other’s biggest cheerleader and supporter and you are bound to eventually receive the same in return.

You could do it alone, but it really helps to have the support of someone that cares about you and whom you trust. It is worth investing some time building your own cheer-leading and support team.

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