Women, Know Your Stats

Day 2 of Women’s Month – do you know if you are at risk for any of the “silent killer” diseases? Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer can be present in your body with little to no symptoms. This is why it is important to know your health statistics:

  • Blood pressure health – Blood pressure 120/80
  • Artery Health -Cholesterol
    Ideal numbers: LDL (“bad”) cholesterol under 100; HDL (“good”) over 50
  • Inflammation level – CRP (C-reactive protein)
    Ideal number: less than 1
  • Sugar level – HBAlC
    Ideal number: 5.6 or lower
  • Heart disease risk – Waist to Hip ratio should be less than 0.8.
  • Cancer risk – Make sure you get a mammogram and a pap smear every 2 years.

The first step is to get measured so that you know where you stand. Most pharmacies and clinics can perform these tests. Regular exercise and healthy nutrition helps to combat and prevent these diseases.

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